Západoslovenské múzeum v Trnave

Monastery of the Poor Clares

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Building of the museum on the Museum Square with exhibitions and exhibition areas open to visitors. Museum offices, depository facilities. Access for disabled people to the ground floor and toilet.

The Western Slovakian Museum is located in the building of the Monastery of the Poor Clares which is already mentioned in Trnava in 1239. The monastery and the church were rebuilt and enlarged several times. A medium-convent wing between two viridarium areas is considered the oldest preserved part. The current appearance of the monastery was the most influenced by reconstruction in the 17th century after the great fire. The building of the monastery complex belonged to the Order until 1782, when Emperor Joseph II set aside the Order of  Poor Clares and nationalized it. The building became a general military hospital (until 1850), later a hospital for mentally ill soldiers. During the second World War II American airmen used to hide there. After the establishment of the museum (in 1954) the building was allocated to the Regional Museum in Trnava. At present the monastery complex includes a building with two courtyards and the church.