Západoslovenské múzeum v Trnave

The Museum of Book Culture

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Museum of Book Culture


The building with exhibition premises focusing on the history of book culture is located on the St. Nicholas's Square. There are museum depositories.

The Renaissance buildings was built in 1561 by the Archbishop of Esztergom Nicolas Olah as a theological seminary and college. Still unfinished building burned in a fire in 1566. In 1590 the building repaired, but has not served as a workshop. From 1619 to 1919 it served as a shelter for old priests. Later, there was a canonry library . In the 70´s of the 20th century, it was reconstructed for the Western Slovakian Museum which  established there the Museum of Book Culture in 1979. It houses a permanent exhibitions focused on the book culture, as well as an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the sculptor William Schiffer.

Múzeum knižnej kultúry, bývalý Oláhov seminár
Mikuláš Oláh (1493 - 1568)
Expozícia venovaná sochárovi a medailérovi W. Schifferovi