Západoslovenské múzeum v Trnave

House of Music of MSchT

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The building is located on the street of the same name which is used by the museum for exhibitions. A part of the premises is rented by the Music Department of the Library of Juraj Fándly in Trnava. Access for disabled people, toilets there. 

Originally a baroque building was modified in the mid 18th century as a bourgeois house. During the Turkish wars, the Ugrian royal crown was hidden there. In the first half of the 20th century there lived and worked a composer Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský. The building was restored in the years 1994 - 199 6 as a multifunctional building with an exhibition devoted to the life and work of Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský. In 1996 an exhibition was open to the public titled  “The Hall of Fame of Dobro“.

Priečelie Domu hudby Mikuláša Schneidera Trnavského
Dom hudby Mikuláša Schneidera Trnavského, pohľad z dvora
Pohľad na dvorovú časť Domu hudby MSchT
Dvor Domu hudby MSchT
Interiér Domu hudby MSchT
Pohľad do expozície Cirkevného hudobného spolku
Z expozície Dvorana slávy dobra
Pamätná izba M. Schneidera Trnavského
Pamätná izba M. Schneidera Trnavského