Západoslovenské múzeum v Trnave

General history

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Historical collections of the Western Slovakian Museum in Trnava consists of several rich collections of objects (about 12 100 units). The collection of clocks contains about 250 objects. Included are sun, tabernaculum or table column clocks, figural and wall clocks, the so-called pendulum clocks from the early 20th century. A part of clocks comes from workshops of  the Trnava clock masters.

Extensive are judaica collections of painted plates, spice boxes, candlesticks and the Torah, a collection of monastic works and reliquaries from 18th and 19th centuries. Collection of copper, brass, tin dishes and silverware, candlesticks, pharmaceutical mortars is dated from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Guild relics, seals, historical clothing, collection pipes, sticks, but also a rich documentary fund map the history of he whole Western Slovakia.