Západoslovenské múzeum v Trnave

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Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský (1881 - 1958) lived in a serviced apartment in a house on the street leading to St. Nicholas´ Church, in which he served for many years as choirmaster. The exhibition in the authentic palce is devoted to the life and work of the composer, who is also called "the Slovak Schubert." The exhibition consists of an originally furnished study and dining room, as well as documentary material from the works of M. Schneider-Trnavský.

The Church Music Association of Trnava was founded in 1833. Its existence influenced the history of music life in Trnava in the 19th century. In the 20th century the composer M. Schneider-Trnavský significantly contributed to its activities. Despite many changes during the time, the Church Music Association remained active up to this day.

On the ground floor of the House of Music there is an exhibition devoted to the American national musical instruments – dobro guitar and its creator John Dopyera, a native of Šaštín. He lived in Dolná Krupá and later the family emigrated to the USA (1908). The Dopyera brothers are famous for their product – a resophonic guitar, which got its name from the initial syllables of words DOpyera BROthers. The exhibition contains numerous gifts of the Dopyera family, guitars of several contemporary manufacturers and items from the world artists and music promoters of country music.